Saturday, December 21, 2013

Photos from the week 12/22/2013

My dad rolled out the powered parachute this week, and gave me a tour of the surrounding countryside. What a fun way to get up and see everything.


My mom planted a peanut garden next to the airstrip this year. The peanuts were ready this week, so we began pulling the plants up and laying them in rows. Once the peanuts were up, we had to pull each individual peanut off the plant. Everyone is pulling peanuts these days.

Little monkey likes to stay close to people for fear of chickens, although he is getting a bit braver. 

The Wamba River is a fairly large river, but it is not used all that much. There are a few people who work in and along it, though. 

One of the places we frequent here is the falls. We don’t have much rock in our area, and so there are not many falls. This is one of two I know of in our entire area. 
The airstrip is in my childhood home’s front yard. This week we had a Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) plane land. It is always fun to walk right outside your house to an airplane.