Sunday, December 1, 2013

Photos from the week 12/1/2013

Due to some technical troubles, I have not been able to update photos for a while. I have now posted photos from the last few weeks, and am now all caught up tho. 

This house is going to be for the family that will be taking care of the new cattle at Somongue. We are starting a cattle project to try to find the best forage crops. It is also a way to reach out to the Fulani people. 

This tiny jackfruit tree is loaded down with hundreds of pounds of fruit! I don't think I have seen one so loaded before. 

All the construction we have been doing at Somongue is with local bricks. These bricks here, where made on the farm.  This kiln is made from of baked bricks. 

The guys worked hard to get firewood, and kept a fire going day and night. After the fire the bricks are baked, and the kiln is taken down and the finished bricks ready to go.

The nursery in Gamboula moved out to Somongue this week. It is looking better and better every day.

Roy also moved all his orchids out to Somongue. He has many local and foreign varieties.

After 6 attempts, and disappointment working with poor clay, I have finally had my first successful firing. I found this clay down by the river here. It is not perfect, but for once the fire got hot enough, and there are no cracks in the finished product!