Saturday, April 5, 2014

Photos from the week 3/30/2014

Since the rains have come, everyone is doing a lot of planting. 
There are teams that go out to plant in the mornings. This team is planting a variety of peanut that is a good producer. We are multiplying it out at Somongue, so we can distribute more seed for next growing season. 

Nyebe Roy is the favorite kind of bean here. Not many people have it yet, so like the peanuts, we are planting fields of it to multiply out seed. 

This is a pin cushion fruit or nauclea esculenta. It is a Central African native fruit. The spikes sticking out of those little holes are the flower buds. 

For the next year I will be taking care of Crew the African Gray parrot. One of the missionary couples here is heading back to the States soon for their furlough, and are letting me sit it.