Sunday, March 9, 2014

Photos from the week 3/9/2014

Using the GPS feature on my phone, Google earth, machetes, and orange tape, one of this week’s projects has been marking out the boundaries of the Somongue property. 

When the grass is dry, burning it is a common practice. Our Western border has a fire break during the dry season to try to keep fires out of our gardens. This week it came in handy. On the left is Somongue property protected by the fire break from the fire on the right.
It looks like the rains have come! We have had a few heavy rains within a few days of each other. It is an amazing blessing after our three month dry season. This is one of the storms as seen from my porch. 
 Jack fruit trees are fast growing, and tend to spring up by themselves where ever people have eaten one. The big fruit is enjoyed by everyone, and is very nutritious. These two came from one of the trees next to my house. 

For those who know Asian fruits, the Durian is a large smelly fruit, that part of the population can’t stand to even be around let alone eat, and part of the population loves. It is known as the king of fruits by those who eat it because of its wonderful flavor. We have a few trees in the garden of Eden that are completely covered in flowers. I have never had the chance to see if I am one of those that can’t stand to be around it, or that loves it, but in a few months, I hope to have the opportunity to find out.  

Our new meeting house/chapel/dining hall got its roof on this week. There are a few more little things to work on, and then we can start using it.