Saturday, April 12, 2014

Photos from the week 4/6/2014

This week was the first time since arriving in Central African
Republic I have been able to leave Gamboula to visit another village.
Bapo is a few kilometers from here, and has a farming cooperative.
After seeing their fields of improved varieties of manioc, fish ponds
and fruit trees, we saw a harvest of tomatoes, and beans.
One of the 
healthy looking kids there had spent months in the nutrition center
with malnutrition. His family's diet now includes vegetables, beans,
and fruits!

There are a lot of flowers blooming these days. Pajama lilies are
quite common in the grass land, and always fun to see.
Another find was a small dark purple stinky flower in the Arum family.

We have not seen the big eatable flying termites this rainy season
yet, but the small ones have come out in force.