Sunday, January 5, 2014

Photos from the week 1/5/2014

On the long drive from Cameroon to Gamboula, I babysat 42 chicks who
were headed to the chicken project at Gamboula.

The day before leaving Gamboula I moved some bees from a small hive into a full size one. This full size one is an observation hive, so when I got back I was anxious to take a peek. Looks like they are building nicely.
The three MK's who are normally off at boarding school have returned for Christmas break. We all went on a three day fishing trip with a few of the missionary kids' friends
Bruce and I walked through knee deep mud, thigh deep water, thorn patches, and driver ants to set lines. We checked them every few hours throughout the night.

During one of the days, I found, shaped, dried, and fired some clay. Even though clay is supposed to take a longer time to dry then just a few hours, and I fired it in our camp fire for a few hours, I was able to get the hardest ceramic I have had yet outside of a real kiln!

In the jungle you are always being watched, from all directions, at every time of the day and night. Here is one of the things I managed to see spying on me. Among others I saw this trip was a bush baby, the biggest spider I have ever seen here in Central Africa, and an otter. 

In this picture there is a fire with fish drying over it in the foreground, someone sleeping on the left, and a vicious game of jungle speed in the background.