Sunday, January 19, 2014

Photos from the week 1/19/2014

At the top of a 40 foot ladder, and hanging from a rope while trying
to fix an internet antenna that will allow Somongue to get internet.

Afternoon watering out at Somongue. The pickup has a big tank that
gets filled up with water, and then bucketed out to the plants.

The Gamboula Primary School is still in session. Because of the
instability in the country, but relative calm at Gamboula, this might
be one of the only schools in the country that has stayed open the
whole school year.
Airman posing in front of an almost finished dormitory building. The
glasses are for the sun's reflection on the tin roof while up there
nailing the tin in place. This is the first of five to get its roof
on, and when finished will provide a place for groups to come and stay
on the farm.

A sign cautioning, "workers on the roof!", and to take a detour.
Really a joke, since everyone goes over to watch or talk with the
workers anyways, so funny to see. Complete with a little man on the
roof of the house.
The Fulani are on the move this time of year. Because it is dry
season, they have come down south with their herds looking green grass
near the river. This herd is near a smoky fire to keep the flies off
them while they are in camp. The trough in front is for salt, and the
tan mound on the left is one of the Fulani huts they make out of
Nothing to see here, just six guys on a motorcycle going to their gardens.
The machetes they all had, are in their right hands.