Saturday, October 12, 2013

Photos from the week 10/12/2013

Campfire and singalong with the missionaries.
While walking through the Garden of Eden one night I stumbled across a bush baby on a banana plant. These guys have huge eyes, and when seen with a flashlight their eyes reflect red.  

A few excited woman, just served a snack of beans, bread, and coffee before this week's seminar. Our topic was the importance of vegetable gardens.

There was a small bee hive in one of the pump units here. The pump needed work, so I was called in to remove the bees. 
One of my adventures this week took me along a stream down in the forest. Streams are great places to look for bugs. 
I have never seen a butterfly like this one before, and only saw it long enough to snap a photo before it disappeared off in to the jungle. The red is stunning, but the photo did not capture the purple tint on its wings. By far one of the most beautiful and brilliant butterflies I have seen. 
My almost stepping stone. These spiders are huge, but despite their size, they can still run across the water when startled. 

Three pots full of a dozen kinds of eatable mushrooms! 
It is scarab season on the elephant grass flowers. In Congo we use to collect and eat these, but no one here seems to eat them. I collected a bunch just for old times’ sake.  

Cranberry hibiscus is high in vitamin C and is a fun ornamental and salad topping. The plants are pretty even without the flowers. 

One of the things we are experimenting with is fluted pumpkin. The flesh is not eaten, but the large seeds are. These are the two biggest ones I have seen here, but I guess they are normal size. 
A bright green vine snake was sunning it's self in a small forest I was walking threw. Like the butterfly, this guy stuck around long enough to get his photo taken, and then disappeared