Sunday, September 22, 2013

Photos from the week

These field orchids are always nice to discover out in the bush. This particular bunch was quite large.

Roy and John laying out the boundaries of a 100m x 100m neem tree field.

Five young rabbits arrived from Yaoundé this week to join our rabbit project. The original two turned out to both be males. Oops!

Alexander holding a newly captured queen bee we caught while raiding a wild hive. Her and her colony are now in one of our hives. 

The 14 young turkeys that are part of our turkey project are starting to look like big turkeys now instead of chicks. 

While riding my bike out to the farm I found this large vine snake on the road. 

While I was talking with the nurse in charge of the nutrition center at the hospital, Dr. Tim came around to see a few of the malnourished kids. The nutrition garden I'm helping to restart will help feed some of the more extreme cases.