Sunday, June 29, 2014

Photos from the week 6/28/2014

I have new baby bunnies! There are only 5, but they all seem to be doing well. 
This week we also had a baby cow born at CEFA. It is not quite at the same cuteness level as the bunnies, but at a few days’ old its attempts to hop and play are pretty funny.  
Since there is no daycare here, often small kids follow their parents to work. Here is a little boy helping his dad move some beans around. 

We have 5 huge drying racks for beans and peanuts on the farm. The beans spend a few days up there before being taken down to make room for more. The dry ones are shelled and put into sacks. 

I was able to get half a sack of Moringa leaves from our moringa plot this week. The very nutritious leaves went to the nutrition center to help feed the malnourished kids.

One of Roy’s bat flowers has been blooming the last few days. Quite the unusual looking flower.