Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Photos from the week 6/15/2014

We have many hectors of beans at Somongue and this week they started to be harvested. The seed will be dried and distributed to local farmers. 

This week we also harvested another field of higher yielding manioc. Each sack holds many cuttings that will also be distributed to villagers.  

This viper was eating a toad alongside Danforths’ porch. 

One week ago I was getting about 1 jack fruit a day from my tree. Last week it continued and one day I picked four. This week I got 9 on one day! Here are just 7 of them. All nine of them together weighed over 100 Lbs. The total for this week is 17

One of the nine was a really small one . A fun size jack fruit.  

I have been having fun taming and training this African gray parrot. This week I wrapped him in a towel to trim his wing fathers so he could not try to fly away. Unfortunately a few nights ago my house and yard where invaded by driver ants, and I did not make it in time to save him.
I have lost many hives to driver ants, and this morning they attacked the rabbits and Danforths’ house.