Monday, November 4, 2013

Photos from the week 11/2/2013

This is why we plant flowers around the farm!

Most of our corn plants only have one or two ears, but this one had 5!

Our cement is stored in one of the three shipping containers at the new shop.

Almost all the materials we use are local. Here Roy is talking to the brick makers. They have been working hard to fill the demand. Next month, they will build a kiln around these bricks and fire them.

Roy looking over the plans for the meeting hall with the masons.
Gamboula has a hydro electric turban that gives the mission and hospital electricity 24/7! We are so lucky, and blessed to have it, as well as people who know how to maintain it.
Over 25 years ago the Sweedish missionaries made a small canal that goes to the turban house.

Four stories down is the actual turban. Here Luke, one of the missionaries, was doing some repairs.

I lost another hive this week to driver ants. This hive was making lots of queens.  
I found this huge ruinous beetle out side my door last night. It was a magnificent specimen.