Sunday, May 25, 2014

Photos from the week 5/25/2014

There are now many organizations distributing seed to farmers who have lost everything in the east of the country. No one is doing this in the west of the country except CEFA. 
Here is one of our fields that is planted in cola nuts. The ground cover is perennial peanut. It has smothered out all the weeds, and fixes nitrogen for the trees.  None of the original trees where cut out of the field, so there is a mix of wild trees in there too. Looks kind of like a park.  

This multiplication field was finally ready to harvest cuttings from. This is an improved variety of manioc from Uganda. The stems were cut into sections, and the cuttings were taken and distributed the villages we work with. This manioc grows faster, produces at least 3 times more than local types, and is disease resistant. 

There are countless fields around the farm planted in beans and peanuts. This is one with a peanut that produces higher yields. When they are harvested, the seed will be distributed to people in villages as well. 

Since it is swarm season, I put together a few small hives this week, in hopes that they would get moved in to. 

A hungry medium size spider looks longingly at a huge moth.

This is some kind of tree viper that got in the way of one of the guy’s machetes.