Sunday, February 9, 2014

Photos from the week 2/8/2014

The guest house we are building at Somongue now has doors, windows,
paint, beds and chairs. Some plumbing, land scraping, and final
touches, and we will be ready to receive guests.

These blue and black butterflies are everywhere these days.

The coffee orchard all over this area are blooming, and smelling
wonderful. Other plants are also in full bloom. This grass land shrub
is completely covered in flowers that smell really good.

I don't have a screen door on my house yet. One morning I went outside
and left the door open. When I came back this malachite kingfisher was

All over the world fuel for cooking fires is becoming more difficult
to find. I am wanting to experiment with different kinds of fuels and
stoves. This first one is a saw dust burning stove. This small can
with saw dust in it lasted two and a half hours with good heat the
whole time.

Saturday morning one of our fish ponds was drained for a fish harvest.
The harvest its self was not great, but we learned a bit about what we
could do differently. In this photo Max, who takes care of the fish
ponds, is holding a large cat fish. These cat fish live in the stream
that goes by the pond. In the stream they don't get any bigger then a
few inches. In a fish pond these little cats do really well and in six
months grow to a good size. In a year they get almost double that.